During my homeroom class today, I had students create "posters" of what they are grateful for. These posters were created in Wordle. I learned this was my students first introduction to this Web2.0 activity. There was great enthusiasm and students consistently were trying to create longer "thankful" lists to see how they turned out. I showed the posters to our 7th Grade Counselor and she was so excited, she brought down a student aid and copies of the posters were put up in the hallway outside my classroom.

As a result of my student's enthusiasm with this activity, I determined to change today's 7th Grade Science activity. We have been studying Genetics. I asked them to create posters showing the terms associated with this subject. As they finished their creations, each posted a copy of the poster in the hallway outside my room. The hall near my door is beginning to be covered with student work (again). Several students came up at the end of class to make sure they had written down the URL correctly for Wordle. When I asked why, each made a comment such as "I'm going to be using this at home over the break!" Could this be an introduction to becoming a "Lifelong Learner?"

One of the highlights of the day happened as students started to look at the creations others had made. Comments such as "WOW", "COOL", "That's FANTASTIC", and "AWESOME" were regularly heard. This peer feedback seemed to encourage others in the room to make their Wordle interesting as well.

I do not believe Wordle (or any other technology or activity) should be used EVERY day in education. I have a belief that Web2.0 activities such as Wordle have a place in pedagogy. My opinion is that as students become more involved in their own education (studying words on their own), they will have a greater interest in what they are learning.

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Comment by Jeremy Cunningham on November 25, 2008 at 1:19pm
i think your url is off... is it wordle.net?
Comment by Glen Westbroek on November 25, 2008 at 2:47pm

Thanks for the reminder - I was going from memory as I did the html coding - the link is now correct.


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