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At 4:32pm on September 24, 2010, John J Caprice said…
Dear Steve,
I have a security concern.
Teacher profiles can be accessed by anyone using the web and clicking on their photo.
With a little research, anyone can find out where they work. It seems that most teachers are so trusting that they provide too much info on themselves.
Do you have any thoughts on this?
JOhn J Caprice
At 1:09pm on July 17, 2010, Peter Lane said…

Hope you are enjoying the current heat wave?... :( I, personally, could go with a few less ticks upward on the outside thermometer!! Anyhoo...

I am planning on returning to school this coming year and would like to get a "blank" laptop/netbook and install all open source software. Do you know where I should start and/or can you point me in the direction I should head to get started? Thanks so much.

At 11:04am on July 9, 2010, Gisele Cordero said…
Hi Steve! My name is Gisele. I am an educator from Costa Rica. I want to thank you for this opportunity to share and learn from other teachers.
I am trying to decide between a Wiki to set up the information for all my Chemistry classes so my students can access and collaborate or a Ning network.
What is your advice?
Thanks again,
At 5:30am on July 8, 2010, Kevin said…
Any way I could Skype with you sometime today and have you talk about Classroom 2.0 and what you've seen since the beginning with a group of Arkansas teachers?
At 8:30pm on July 3, 2010, David Bill said…
Thanks for the welcome message. Yes, This is my second account at Classroom 2.0 but I figured I should create a profile for my new position. Was just about to email you. Likewise, I enjoyed our conversation as well. I will send you an email so we can begin our plan of attack on the series. Have a great 4th!
At 6:47am on June 4, 2010, Kathy Gutowsky said…
Thanks. It will be my first EduBlogger and I am really fired up about it. See you there!
At 9:49am on June 1, 2010, Kandi Horsman said…
Hi Steve,
I'm presenting a workshop on wikis to district staff in August. I see you have a podcast entitled "Wikis--What Are They, and Why Use Them in Education?" from 8/24/06. However, I can't seem to find an active link to the MP3. I'd like to use it during the session. Any help you can give would be much appreciated!
At 10:25am on May 27, 2010, Karenne Sylvester said…
Hi Steve,

I'm writing to ask if you wouldn't mind helping me circulate a very simple poll that I have created regarding edu-blogging: principally my question is on which blogging platforms are being used and where edu-bloggers are mainly based.

As I teach in Germany as an EL/ESP Teacher my contacts tend to be mainly those in ELT so I would like to widen the scope of answers - my results so far are that 60% of blogging teachers are based in Europe and I'm pretty sure that there are more of you in the US!

Would you be able to forward the poll on to the teachers on here that blog (for other teachers or with their students, perhaps those attending the EduBlogger Unconference event and/or your twitter contacts?

I would be very, very, grateful for your help with this!

Take care,
Karenne Sylvester

Short URL:

Long URL:
At 10:15am on May 6, 2010, Eric Burgess said…
Hey Steve, thanks for all your work with Classroom 2.0. It's a great network!

-eric burgess
At 10:48pm on April 29, 2010, Bill Oldread said…
I have your contact info and have added you to my Skype list. Late next week would be great. I am 15 hours ahead so I think it will be fine any time late afternoon onward your time. Thanks.
At 8:44pm on April 28, 2010, Cliff Lyon said…
Sorry about that Steve. I was actually doing a demo and got a bit lazy.
At 5:37pm on April 27, 2010, Bill Oldread said…
I would love to talk about your plans and how the conference might dovetail with our strategic plan relative to collaboration with and support of professional dev. efforts outside of our own organization. Do you Skype?
At 5:22pm on April 27, 2010, Bill Oldread said…

I am very interested in learning more about the Global conference that you are planning. What is the best way to do that?

At 5:42pm on March 22, 2010, Christie Rochester said…
Steve, I seem to have 2 can I delete on of them? Thank you - Christie Rochester of Rochester, NY
At 7:27pm on February 17, 2010, Leon Avrech said…
Thanks Steve for your email. Leon Avrech. I know my book will help new and soon to be new teachers. My book, THINK YOU CAN TEACH? A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR NEW MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS is help teachers succeed in this important grade level.
Applicable to all grades, however. See: then self esteem and you can read more about my book or the publisher at HOME CLASSROOM VIDEO is a business I began in 1988 to bring an excellent teacher in the home. Leon
At 3:09pm on February 17, 2010, Robert Thiele said…
Understood and thanks for reply. I have offered the software (a single complimentary license) to several schools at no charge including Liz Kolb. Teachers need to get the right software before they can really add value to existing cellphones I suppose. Let me know if I can help you or any educators you know - in this space.

Best regards,

R. Thiele
M4E SMS Servers
At 12:45pm on February 17, 2010, Robert Thiele said…
Hi Steve, (RE: student cell phones used in educational settings)

I don't know if I have been approved here yet - I left a comment one day answering a question from another post. Someone posted a response indicating that spammers are not welcome here. Understanding this, I replied that I was not a spammer - instead a technologist that created a SMS text messaging solution for teachers, students and parents to address the posted inquiry. If I can help anyone in K12 or beyond with this solution, please drop me a line at The URL is Always trying to help - Thanks! Robert Thiele in Dallas
At 6:31pm on February 15, 2010, Leon Avrech said…
Not too far from me. San Jose. Friends have moved to Lincoln. My book recently published is, THINK YOU CAN TEACH? A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR NEW MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS" Good for any other grade too. Available from,, Huge help for new teachers. I was in middle school/jr high as teacher, mentor teacher, principal. Leon Avrech
At 11:11am on January 4, 2010, Scott Habeeb said…
Steve - would you be interested in my "cleaning up" the Ning in Education site? I'd be more than happy to go through and take out the spammers, etc.
At 2:05pm on December 27, 2009, Katie Brosious said…
Thanks Steve, I really appreciate what you've done here, and definitely respect your rules on vendors!


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