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At 8:59am on January 14, 2008, Brian said…
Thanks for writing back so soon. I'm trying to encourage teachers to think Web 2.0 and have a third grade teacher right now who teaches reading/writing that is thinking of some type of exchange, such as comparing Australian/US life...don't know if this makes sense or not!
At 8:09am on January 14, 2008, kolson said…
Helen, I'll get it up as soon as I can! Just want to make sure the posting is pretty much complete.
At 8:38pm on January 13, 2008, Brian said…
When is your summer vacation (how odd to say when it's winter here!!!) over? I'm curious if there could be a chance of a collaborative project with students here?
At 3:12am on January 8, 2008, Simon said…
Thanks Helen,
I look forward to learning with you. Im very excited about the Ultranet coach role. Lots to learn and share.

Talk soon Simon
At 5:33pm on January 6, 2008, Elise Mueller said…
Thanks Helen,
I'd be happy to join you on the Peer Coaching page. Heading over there right now. :)
At 4:10pm on January 5, 2008, Mathew Needleman said…
You may be interested in joining the literacy coach ning. The concept of peer coaching sounds very close to what we're doing though we're focused on literacy... http://literacycoaches.ning.com/
At 6:26pm on January 3, 2008, Paul Hardt said…
I tried ANIMOTO this morning. Thanks for posting the sample. As an editor of video, I immediately appreciated what it did on its own. Very contemporary and practical.
Thanks again.
At 5:31am on January 3, 2008, kolson said…
Helen -

Thank you so much for taking the time to help! I'm going to use your suggestion.
At 10:36am on January 2, 2008, Paul Hardt said…
Hello Helen,
I really enjoyed reading your comments. I am learning constantly that tech applications really can create unanticipated results. When I read about your students covering the award ceremony event which they attended, I actually felt the excitement. We, as teachers, create and involve our students in so many venues that at times the excitement of the moment such as the recognition of an awards show can be covered as a behind the scenes piece. I absolutely know that:
1) [the transparent] the students have an archival piece to recall the event and all its excitement and honor
2) [less transparent, but grows with time] From their video, the students learn from others’ video pieces, their successes, their flaws. It is a social situation with people who are ‘like minded’.
3) Who knows how many students lives changed that night. How many will begin to think creatively or analytically about content creation.

After your class they need to continue the process somehow, but maybe lack the tools for now . Go web 2.0! See what you’ve started!!!

Below I listed a link to a simple writing project a couple 5th grade students did last year titled SMARTY THE DOG. Viewers recognize the transparent learning in the show. With that in mind the students also created a ‘how we did this’ video immediately after their show. It begins approximately halfway through the video. It’s thinking skills are evident.


Great to hear from you. I feel more and more comradeship from Classroom 2.0 community. I think I’ll go out and buy some PUSH PASTE.
At 6:55am on November 30, 2007, Brian said…
Hi Helen: I'm a member of this organization in the States and there are possible resources for peer coaching that you might find useful: http://www.vste.org/conference.html . Also, our district required blogs request resources for our teachers (I service 1,000 students and 71 teachers). Maybe we can share blogs found, etc.: http://www.ppsblogs.net/brianmckee
At 2:44am on November 4, 2007, Helen Otway said…
I've just been catching up with our KnowledgeBank conference here in Melbourne. An interesting discussion by Elizabeth Ring from DEECD about the emergence of Web 2.0 tools in educational settings and where to next with them. https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/installinfo/playback?psid=2007-10-30.1625.https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/installinfo/playback?psid=2007-10-30.1625.M.5DAF37ED5D6296036EFE6B9FDDEEDA.vcrM.5DAF37ED5D6296036EFE6B9FDDEEDA.vcr
At 4:26am on November 1, 2007, Hans Feldmeier said…
Hi Helen, thanks for this video you´ve uploaded.
At 1:56am on October 29, 2007, Vincent Mespoulet said…
Not yet Helen, but I give you here the address of the page about Adelaide inside ECP Project with a link in english about the first international guitar in Adelaide and the geographical riddle (in english too):
At 1:42am on October 29, 2007, Vincent Mespoulet said…
Hi Helen, I have just seen your video about deforestation... Congratulations for your kids ;-). I wondered if you would be interested by an e-twinning project with my school in France (see my profile) You can see also an australian page about Adelaïde on my site with a funny geographical riddle
Have a nice day !
At 6:50pm on October 27, 2007, Helen Otway said…
I'm hooked! Here's a video I made using photos from our Grade 4 Market Day.
At 5:34pm on October 27, 2007, Helen Otway said…
ANIMOTO in the classroom.
I would love to hear how others have used this web application in their classroom with kids.
At 5:23pm on October 27, 2007, Helen Otway said…
Okay! I have had a go at ANIMOTO. Here it is
At 1:25am on October 6, 2007, Helen Otway said…
Hi! I have just come home from NavCon2k7 and am busily exploring many fantastic new ideas with Web 2.0. I can't wait to integrate them into my classroom.


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