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At 3:04pm on October 27, 2011, Kim Trefz said…

I would love to collaborate with you, however my 5th grade class and I have a huge commitment with Global Virtual Classrooms where we are involved with two other participating schools in building a website on a specific theme.  Please consider me for future endeavors. 

At 12:55pm on July 20, 2011, Michelle du Toit said…

Hi Dan.

My e-mail is: Michelle.dutoit1@gmail.com

At 8:49am on July 18, 2011, Michelle du Toit said…
Hi Dan, I appreciate the invitation. I am teaching Mathematics to Afrikaans speaking kids in South Africa. The only thing is that I am very new at  social networking. The other concern that I have is that we have a very full curriculum and I do not have much class time to spare. If the above concerns are not a problem, I will be happy to be part of the project.
At 9:39am on July 17, 2011, Simonetta Leonardi said…

Dear Dan

I’m so pleased to  have received your invitation.

I’ve seen  your blog that   I’ve found  very interesting. You are a very  original and  effective teacher, I enjoyed  a lot your nice  videos, many compliments!!  I hope  now is getting better regarding your injury, I wish you a quick recovery!!!

I’m very interested  to cooperate in your cultural project, I teach English in a primary School  near  Assisi, I have 8 classes from 6 year to 11 year aged.

I run a blog  where I post the activities of my classes, http://noieilmondo.blogspot.com/  

I’m very keen  on technology so  I’ve been trying it in teaching for   4 years or more.

Now I’m very engaged  in using IWB.

My school years will start on  September 12, but I’m ready to plane  just now.

Let me know more details about your idea of cooperation,  after   the agreement of my headteacher   we can start working about. Please take in account  my pupils don’t speak English, their level at the last year  of the primary  school is   the  A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


I look forward your reply

my address:  simonardi@gmail.com

At 9:28am on July 17, 2011, George panagiotakopoulos said…

Hi Dan,

Thank you very much for your invitation. Your activity is great for your students giving them the ability to learn about other cultures and nations. Unfortunately I can't participate now. Maybe later in the next school year. I hope your activity will be succesfull. 
Greetings from Greece



At 9:14am on July 17, 2011, Ines Setiawan said…

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your invitation. I teach grade 4 until grade 9 this semester and I am the class teacher of grade 6. I would love to participate in your activity. Please let me know more about it. My blog is: http://inesogura.weebly.com

At 11:04am on November 15, 2009, Kim Trefz said…
We can definitely come up with some form of collaboration. I know that my students would love it! I will be in touch about some possibilities, and we can go from there:) Thanks for being so open and flexible!

At 7:29pm on November 9, 2009, Kim Trefz said…
Hi, Dan. Thanks for your response. I work at an Independent all-boys' school where they each have their own laptops that they travel from class to class with. It is wonderful how we can implement so much technology because of this, so we definitely use computers daily. The three best technology websites and tools? Hmmmmm, that would have to be our class Wiki where we collaborate with students within and outside of our school on various writing assignments. We use VoiceThread which is a great way to post pictures and have the students to add their voice. This is also a way to get feedback from others around the country. Glogster.com is fabulous where the students can create their own glogs and add links to supporting websites of the information they are posting. This is like a digital poster board. Animoto is a great way to showcase work as music is added for effect. One of the coolest non-linear ways to present information is prezi.com. This is better than Powerpoints and the students love the visual effects for presenting information. Please feel free to collaborate on any assignments that you currently have going on. I would love to help in any way that I can. Even though I teach 5th grade, the boys are learning 6th grade material, and we could possibly get our students to work together on something in the future. Have your students ever skyped before? It is a great way to make global connections and gain new perspectives.
At 4:40pm on November 5, 2009, Kim Trefz said…
Great blog! I am using mine in a similar way to support the grammar and writing that we are doing in English class.
At 2:43pm on November 4, 2009, Baira Chompodova said…
I'm awfully sorry, not yet ((
At 3:25am on October 6, 2009, Baira Chompodova said…
Hello Dan,
Thank you, that would be very nice. As soon as we create our Ning or my studentds get the access to the internet in class, we will be happy to visit your blog and your website. Or invite you and your students into our Ning.
Sorry for my late reply... Better late than never, but much better in time ))
At 2:31pm on June 19, 2009, Alfredo Tifi said…
Hello Dan
I'm sorry to read your invitation after six months I forgotten classroom social network. Are you sure that your studets of social science could enjoy with mine that study chemistry subjects?
At 4:45am on May 15, 2009, Meredith Flanner said…
Hi Dan, I have just started a new blog too at Princes Hill Primary School in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia http://grade56m2009.edublogs.org/
At 7:23am on April 7, 2009, Ariane Skapetis said…
Hi Dan,

I hope the answers to your questions were what you were expecting. Let me know if you require any more information from your friends downunder.
At 5:10am on April 5, 2009, Vika said…
Hi Dan,
I'm very sorry for not writing for so long. Actually my students finally have tried to post their comments but failed because when they inserted http://waterforsixthgrade.blogspot.com/ they only saw an offer to create their own blog and not the page with your greetings and your questions.Though on my computer I see it pretty good when I follow the link you've given on your page. That's why we'll have another try at the lesson together on Wednesday.
By the way, why is it called "water for six grades"?
At 8:16am on April 2, 2009, Deborah Kerwood said…
Wonderful! We will post on Tuesday April 7. (That's the next time I see them due to our Sun - Thurs school week and block scheduling.)

Deborah K
At 5:56pm on April 1, 2009, Deborah Kerwood said…
Hello Dan,

Egypt is ready to go up on Waterforsixthgrade. The kids are thrilled. They worked out the responses on paper first, then came up with a group consensus what to say. Where do we write?

thank you again for this fun learning opportunity,
Deborah K
At 6:58am on March 27, 2009, Vika said…
Hi Dan!
I do hope it will get fixed next week. Our school building is 20 like me ))
What about other jobs? Do they require a higher education?
My university doesn’t have any special name. It’s simply Samara State University. It’s quite conservative which sometimes irritates its students who want to have everything up-to-dated. However, this university is considered very prestigious and every year there’s a hard competition among applicants.
So, if a prospective teacher speaks English in Russia then he/she is a teacher of English but if one feels like teaching Biology, for instance, there’s just no need to speak English. He/she will be employed without looking at language ability.
Samara is on the river Volga. And it is its main place of interest. There’s a long-long embankment where all the generations of the city admire to walk in summer. Of course, in our city many, very many cars and buildings of different architecture: old and modern as it’s usually in stone jungles ))
At 9:32am on March 24, 2009, Vika said…
Hi Dan! In many Russian schools for employers it's seldom an obsticle to accept a young teacher who hasn't graduated because some schools lack teachers of English (I don't mean prestigious schools of course). They say: "Just have enough time to conduct classes". But actually, I do not work in such a traditional school. It's a special course of English that I lead. So, the students have extra classes. I'm responsible for video ones, in particular.
As for me, I'm the 4th year student of a university. There are classes every day: lectures, seminars, practical studies, than canteen :), working in the library. I feel it's practically the same everywhere. By the way, in your state is it like in Russia important to have a higher education so as to find the job you want?
I'm very sorry, Dan, but we have to postpone our blogging till next week( Again I do not have an opportunity to see my students. A roof has leaked in our school. We'are having it repaired right now. All the classes are canceled. It shouldn't take them more than a week. I'm very sorry again
At 5:05am on March 23, 2009, Ariane Skapetis said…
The students had a stimulating time in groups brainstorming the answers to your questions on large sheets of paper. They viewed the presentation you had on the blog and were very interested to see how different your school is from ours. There was lots of interesting discussion happening.They thought your school gymnasium looked similar to the one in highschool musical. They were very impressed with the school cafeteria and that your students wear casual clothing to school. We'll try and summarise the answers and post them up there on Wednesday the latest... I hope.


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