"Fingerstyle Guitar Prodigy"
Notice 1: Sungha is looking for a sponsorship who can financially support him to study abroad and trevel the world for any music festivals or events that he wants to attend. If you are interested in this matter without any commercial intention, please email to "support.sunghajung@gmail.com" .

Notice 2: There was/is a social networking site having unauthorized Sungha's profile with his videos such as Facebook. Please note that Sungha has been managing only three sites; Youtube, Myspcae, and Daum fan site.

Notice 3: Sungha has composed six pieces, 'Missing You','Voyages with Ulli','Starseeker','Night Flight', 'Perfect Blue', and recently 'Coco'. He arranged one of his favorite songs 'Fields of Gold' by Sting and 'My love' by Westlife. I will have the tabs for those songs available soon. Please do not ask me for tabs other than his own arrangement or composition. I suggest you to contact the person whoever composed or arranged the song. You can get the tab for 'Missing You' from the picture section of my 'MySpace' site. Click on the Website URL below. (You can download some of Sungha's music in mp3 file format there as well. Check out the music player once a month for updates.)

The following is the musician's statement of my son:

Hi, I'm Sungha Jung from South Korea. My dream is to become a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist.

I had been watching my dad play the guitar for awhile before I finally jumped on it myself three years ago. I turned twelve in September, 2008.

Currently, I am taking drum lessons and teaching myself fingerstyle guitar.

I used to not have tabs for the music that I played in my videos. I just listen and pick them up directly from the sound source in videos available on the internet. However, recently, I have started playing with original tabs whenever they are available to me by courtesy of the authors.

My old guitar is custom made by Selma to fit my body size, and on it, Thomas Leeb wrote "Keep on grooving to my friend." As of Jan. 1st, 2009 Lakewood acts as sponsor for my guitar officially.

I'm very grateful to those prominent guitarists who have had a great influence on my guitar playing. I'll continue to study them and learn more about interpretation of music and various playing techniques.

My daily practice routine lasts for one to two hours when school is open, but I play up to three hours a day during the school breaks.

It usually takes me two to three days to practice and videotape a new piece but sometimes up to a week for more difficult ones.

Last, but certainly not least, I can't thank Ulli Bögershausen enough for being my musical inspiration.

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