I am working on a project for my Master's in Technology about software available that can convert various applications to other formats. After doing a lot of research, I found a site that many of you might be interested in looking at. It is free and will convert your word documents to PDFs, convert Flash to Windows Media and more. If anyone knows of more sites like this, I would love to look at them. http://media-convert.com/convert/


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http://www.zamzar.com will transform
to a wide range of formats either from file upload or by inputting the URL
The resulting file is sent to your email, often in less than minutes.
I'm really happy with Zamzar as well. To pull things from the internet, video etc., if you're using Firefox all you have to do is drag a link from their site (http://www.zamzar.com/tools/) to your bookmarks toolbar. When you find something that you want to convert just click the bookmark and Zamzar does the rest.

Fair warning: when I went there to get this think two ad pop-were forced on my computer. Apparently this sites getting more and more aggressively ad based. That's too bad.

I am currently stuck. I am trying to use Zamzar for the first time. It says I need "to upload a file" first. Could you (or anyone explain this). It must be common knowledge because I am trying things and don't seem to be making sense of it.


I quickly checked out the site. It looks good. I was hoping for a tool to easily convert PDF to MP3. Media-convert doesn't do that though.

I have a few sites that do media conversion in delicious at http://del.icio.us/amboe_k/convert

A tool (not free) that I am piloting is called GhostReader to convert PDF to audio. It does a good job and has many voices to choose from in addition to those within the operating systems.

Kevin, you have some great sites posted. I am just getting into this. I have had frustration with trying to import video into Movie Maker and now those days are over.
hi chris, check out xfruits http://www.xfruits.com/ i've used it a lot and it's useful! also take a look at Dapper http://www.dapper.net/ .

You could also try your hand at XML and XSLT if you were feeling adventurous!
Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for the tip on this converting web site, I could have used this last week! We used http://media-convert.com/convert/ and it did work, but we had pop-up ad issues. I know there are many of these sites out there, I had to use Google to find one that would translate a midi file.
Thanks Meg, I just joined this network and people are great about providing feedback. What a great resource.

There are also:

They are each a little different, but all seem to work. Vixy seems to have better video quality than some for youtube videos, but has a limited range of destination formats.
I did like vixy.net. I appreciate you getting back with me on this. I will definitely check out the other sources. Thanks again,




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