I've been interacting with teachers all over more than ever this year, and I have to say that I'm sort of surprised by their level of engagement with technology. I think I've really misread where the regular, average teacher is at with technology because I live and breathe this stuff all the time. I still feel that I have to prove the worth of technology integration, particularly deep uses of it. I frankly don't see a great deal of deep technology in my limited circles.

The post Are They Really Digital Natives? made me start thinking along these lines. Like Sylvia said in that thread, I think a lot of teacher's reluctance to try news things has nothing to do with technology. What is this mindset exactly that we're dealing with and how do we encourage others to do in another direction? How do we help others see that technology related stuff is not an add-on? How do you accurately gauge the levels of ability and usage in your colleagues so that you can provide meaningful support?

These are some of the ideas that have been floating through my head as I try and devise a tech professional development plan for my school.

Your thoughts?

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Well said--I really have no responsibility to any one but my kids (I'm not technology staff). For years I just wanted to share the "wow".



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