1) Is there a good listserv or other resource out there for SMARTboard users?

2) We're new to interactive whiteboards, and a colleague is having issues with the Notebook software. If she save a a notebook, it won't act interactively when she tries to use the file on the SMARTboard. She's mostly using the cloning feature to do this.

If she saves this notebook file as a gallery item, it does work interactively though. We also want to know why these files aren't added automatically to My Content or Gallery?

My colleague also experiences things duplicating when notebooks are created, but I haven't seen this happen yet, and thus, I can't really detail the problem here yet.

Anyway, if you have a clue as to our issues, I'd appreciate your feedback.


Lucy Gray

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Hi Lucy,

There is a SMARTBoard lesson podcast and a few other resources I've linked to from my tech page. Just scroll down to the links.
Here's a blog post I wrote awhile ago highlighting another possible solution to teachers looking for answers regarding SMARTboards

"The people responsible for bring you the excellent "SMARTBoard Lessons Podcast" are putting together a network using Twitter.

From their show notes:

"Help us create a high quality ‘Twitter’ SMARTBoard professional network that is only a quick question away. Join Twitter and then “follow” Ben: benhazzard and Joan: jbadger. We will follow you back."

This podcast provides excellent tricks and tips for using SMART Boards in the classroom. This sounds like a great way to connect teachers using SMART Boards in the classroom."

I hope that will help provide a network of people that can help you.
Hi Lucy! You can always start at Smart Technologies Community site...


I would also be glad to look at your Notebook file you're having trouble with and see if I can help. Just let me know!

Sharing is Caring!

Awesome suggestions, everyone! Thank you!!!



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