I atttended Beloit College, the Yale of the midwest, for those of you who don't know... :) and the college recently launched an alum site that is sort of a combo of LInked In and MySpace. It makes reconnecting with people MUCH easier.

Anyway, you can add your blog feed to your profile and your lastest post is aggregated with others on one page. I found this presentation today by a guy who I think was actually in my class: http://www.thinkfree.com/fileview.tfo?method=callFileView&filem.... His preso is good, but I was more intrigued by Think Free which seems to be similar to Google D and S as well as Slideshare.

Here's a PDF of a preso I did in Keynote:
http://www.thinkfree.com/fileview.tfo?method=callFileView&filem.... Note that you can select a Creative Commons license for any doc you upload. I am digging this! Geek out!

Have any of you used this ?

Lucy Gray

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Yes, I've used Thinkfree and Zoho (www.zoho.com). So far, the web-based app of this type that's made the biggest change in how I work has been word processing. I've used both these tools, but tend to rely most heavily on Google Docs because I find it to be a little easier to use when working with collaborators (setting up, extending the network, and simultaneous editing). Google Docs has changed the way I work on projects that benefit from collaboration.

The presentation tools in ThinkFree and Zoho are a start, but have a way to go. I've heard that Google will also be launching a presentation tool in the near future.
Be careful, Lucy - you are getting the symptoms of FMS (Fear of Missing Something). How does a teacher select 5 - 10 of the best tools? Is this something that we even should do?
I've use this, Open Office, Google DOCs and Zoho. I think Zoho is my favorite so far. www.zoho.com. Lot's of great tools and you can also download Zoho office for you desktop. If you want non web based, Open Office is the way to go.



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