I've been looking at several comic creation tools online and thought I'd ask a few questions:

What is your favorite service? Why?

What do you think would be best for younger children? (I teach 5th grade)

Have you been successful in setting up a "classroom account" where more than one person can login at one time?

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Just found this recently.


Not used it, but hope to soon. I am sure 5th grade would like it.

And this link may be useful to you too...

Super Hero Squad is good but limited, Toon Doo does have an educational portal which is ideal, and you can also try Pixton by clicking here... http://pixton.com/


check out my reviews on few by clicking here.... http://cyber-kap.blogspot.com/search?q=comic
To get the education features at ToonDoo and Pixton, you are talking about paid subscriptions. I think most people would prefer to use, or have better access to, free services. Witty comics was limited. I did not think that the characters would be very appealing to students. Comic Brush may be worth a look, as could Creaza.
I use the closed ToonDoon Spaces site and my students love it. And I like it because it is a closed system -- only student users have access. They can create webcomics, ebooks, and more. And you can embed into blogs and sites outside of the site. It's pretty nifty.
It's not free, though, so that may be a problem.
Here is an ebook that I thought was cute. It was done on the first day I showed them the site.

Here are some other resources that might help:

* This is a great slideshow about using comics in the classroom -- http://www.slideshare.net/shend5/tap-into-the-world-of-comics

* This blogger provides a lot of sites for online comic creation: http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2009/02/7-resources-for-creating-c...

I use ComicLife on my PC -- and there is a trial version you can get for 30 days, if that helps. I think some of the online sites work great with kids -- Makebeliefs Comics is good and a new animated comic site called Domo Animate would be a great hit with kids, too.


-- Kevin
Thank you for sharing your wonderful resources. Your slideshow is fabulous, filled with lots of creative ideas. I've been using Comic Life from 2nd-4th grade and they love it. I thought it was free with Macs.
I'm also looking for a similar service (middle school age classroom), however I'm hoping to find either:

1) a service where comics can be saved or sent to my email WITHOUT my students have to create a login


2) a service where comics can be easily printed and presented on a document camera/projector setup.

Thanks all - I've been looking at the resources from the embedded slide show, and it seems like the most promising two for my purposes are www.toondoo.com and www.bitstrips.com - oddly both of those are offering "school environments" for fees. I'd like to avoid that until I know how much we will use it.

So - for those of you who have used ToonDoo - (the non subscription service)

Have you ever tried multiple users from one account?
Is it "safe" - meaning, can the kids receive "messages" or "comments" from unauthorized people?

In a perfect world I would prefer not to have my students sign up for anything, but I have created the google accounts for "fake" emails, so we can if we need to :)
Like several others, I am a big fan of ToonDoo. I had my students create their characters there, hit print screen, paste them into a comicbook template I found on the web, and assemble everything in Photoshop. Once finished, the pages were assembled in Dreamweaver to create an online comic. This was the first time we did the project. Next year, we will use the tool to write graphic novels. I am really looking forward to it. Here is an example of one the projects: The Adventures of Clyde and Bessie.



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