This week at the ITSC conference
in Portland OR, I was really shocked at the amount of demand for
anything to do with teachers learning how to use video creation in the
Those sessions looked to be full and maybe even overflowing!
As a media producer, I create video projects for the web for my clients so I am doing this week in and week out. I also

So, how many of you are wanting to get some help with the "How To" on
this and feel that they don't have anyplace locally to get some help?

This is really more of a curiosity poll and or offer than anything else.


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What do you mean by video creation? Is this for the teacher to use or the students to create?

Thanks for clarifying this.

Mainly, I was refering to students doing the work but for this to happen, teachers need to have some amount of knowledge to help the students do quality work.

Also, I am really referring to video editing and making a complete finished project including an introduction, middle and end or conclusion. This also means using graphics or titles (text) and other elements such as additional audio. So, it is more of the idea of conveying a thought than the typical youtube style of point, shoot and upload.

I hope that makes sense...

Are you using video in class?
I want my teachers to do this, but am having some trouble with the size, length, a place to host, security for videos with students etc.

Be happy for any help you can give.
Hey Brian:

By logistics, it sounds like you mean distribution of a final video as to the creation process itself. As to the video size and length I am guessing you have found problems with the free hosting options that have limitations. Security is another matter entirely.

Is this correct so far? Just want to make sure we are on the same page...

All in all, I would check out a site called It is a video site of a more professional nature. Because of this, the quality is better, they have standards of what they encourage people to upload and it is less likely to have preditors viewing as regulars because of the nature of the content.

Another option is to contact Steve Hargadon and ask about starting a new group right here on classroom 2.0 to share student video projects. Since this community is restricted it is fairly secure as is.

Let me know what else I can help with.




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