I'm an ESL teacher looking to do private online teaching to former students of mine scattered all over the place. Besides a webcam and something like Skype, what else can I use to really create a professional interaction? Would love some feedback. this site is very informative. thanks!

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Hi Joe,
Do check out my website www.WordAhead.com for vocabulary building. Here you will find short video definitions of difficult english words. The students are encouraged to play with the words and upload their work to the website. The teachers may assign word projects to the students. This could provide you with an interesting online environment to work with your students.

You may use web conferencing software like dimdim.(Dimdim is a free web conferencing service where you can share your desktop, show slides, collaborate, chat, talk and broadcast via webcam with absolutely no download required to host or attend meetings.)

If you would like to go for CMS you can use Moodle.
I use LiveMocha.com to work on my Spanish. It's a fun tool for learning vocabulary and basic grammar. It also includes a language learning community, where others can read and listen to your work and comment on it. This would be great for teacher-student and student-student feedback, but I'd be worried about my students interacting with strangers (I don't know if you can limit this).

Definitely a solid tool: www.livemocha.com



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