Are there teachers out there using this with feedback on it's impact on student learning, engagement and so on? I am looking for feedback from other professionals in education, as well as any direction to resources for these kind of collaborative tools.

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This is a great I have just started implementing the technology into professional development offerings in our district. We are, no doubt, still in the "out of comfort" zone in most cases. But that data on the impact on student learning would help promote the technology piece in PD in our district, especially with our administration. I know that this is the direction that we are headed and having a model to measure the efficacy of the online tools.
hi, Scott,
I teach in both the face to face classroom and online. It is only my second year of teaching on line and my personal learning curve experience with 2.0 tools and applications is modest compared to others in this group. But the exciting part is we all learn form eachother. I agree with Will Richardson that before you can start using the tools with your students you have to work on using them on your own, then as I learn I can share more with my students, and fellow teachers.
I think we are still on the tip of the iceburge and there is lots more to learn for both teachers and students.
I just started blogging about my personal reflections on specific technolgoy tools I've started a wiki for teachers of sceondary business studies
I've used a few activites with student but haven't set up anything to formally measure student engagment, or effectiveness in learning, just doing more each day to encourage students and appeal to mulitiple intelligences.
I'm teaching an online graduate technology class in which, for discussion purposes, I'm requiring my students to use LinkedIn, Twitter, wikis, as well as Classroom 2.0. At the end of the semester, I am going to poll them with SurveyMonkey to determine which sites they plan to continue using in their classrooms.... which they feel could be used best to enhance learning, etc.

I am interested in finding out how your project has gone so far? Has there been any informal or anecdotal feedback so far?
Hi Scott,

We've built a tool at DeepDebate.Org that is a good complement to wikis and blogs. It enables a very large number of people to have a structured conversation. It's advanced forum software that enables collaborative mapping of a conversation.

We first implemented it in Pennsylvania and we received this feedback from teachers and this feedback from students.

If you or anyone else on this list is interested in using it in the classroom, we'd be happy to offer our services pro bono. I've personally taught ten classes (grades 8-12) with it here in DC and also in PA, and it's always a lot of fun. The key element is that it challenges the students to really think before they write.

It could be used for the students within one classroom or among students in different schools. There are so many possibilities.

Drop me a line and I'll get you connected!
Email: lucas[at]



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