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Movie Review

Started Jun 29, 2011 0 Replies

5th and 6th grade Austin Middle School students in Galveston, Texas produce a weekly newsbroadcast for the campus. This is a technical review of a news broadcast videoretrieved from…Continue


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Student in Special Education Masters program.

How are Students Different Because of Digital Media?

1.  The Good

What a marvelous digital world for students today.  They have access to the world through the digital world.  Instant news, instant analysis, instant history ... print, pictures, films, video ... instant communication around the world.  Classrooms are wherever you are ... classes in the U. S. meeting jointly with classes in China or any other country.  Classroom assignments enriched by Word and PowerPoint type programs.  Assignments that can be animated, photo-shopped, special effects, sound, etc.  Guest lecturers from anywhere.  Online assessments, instruction, evaluation, college classes.  They can make video, share, react, etc.  I did my dissertation on a KayPro 1 in CP/M with a WordStar template ... not even in MS DOS.  It had twin floppy disks ... no hard disk (ah, the dreaded B-DOS error that lost everything!) Can't tell you how many Chapters I had to retype and retype.  Anyway, how the world has changed!  The videos that you have showed us so far really demonstrate the potential for media and I think we all can integrate media in small, creative, inspiring ways.

2.  The Bad (if you think so.)

Well, cellphones seems to top the list ... text, text, text.  There are two current philosophies: suppress and get rid of them at all costs, and integrate them into the digital classroom in any way possible.  Right now, the first is the most dominant.  However, the phone companies (particularly ATT) are researching ways to support the use of cellphones in the classroom.  It is working well in some areas and some schools, but not in others.  The secret is an instructional design with ties up the phone and reduces the margin for texting or other abuse.  A challenge. Personally, I am for use in the classroom.  Anything else promotes abuse.  The successes I have seen have been all at schools with MONEY (actual budget or special program funding) and college oriented students.)  At a school like mine ... poor with poor performance ... such research and experimentation will never happen.

3.  The ugly

The major ugly is cyber-bullying.  We all were shocked by the suicide this past year from cyber-bullying.  There is really no way to eliminate it completely.  Some kid will do it some where at some time.  We can only educate, educate, educate and pray for self-regulation and getting kids to report it (there is always a digital trail to follow).  I see some kids just lost in the cyber world.  They play games all night long at home and text all day in class (when not asleep).  What a challenge for teachers.  Parents, of course, are the key and ... I don't see much, if any, support from the vast majority of parents.  Many, I think, are glad their kids are cyber occupied.  The cyber world has joined the school system as the parents baby-sitters of choice.

4.  Challenges for Teachers.

Well, it would be easy to say that teachers must stay ahead of the technology and integrate it into their teaching and classrooms.  Is that impossible or what!  I had a teach tell me the other day, "As soon as I can get the kids to pass the high stakes test, then I can think about technology and media."  (I think we are rats on a treadmill on this one.)  Sorry, that was pessimistic. I don't even own a cellphone and don't plan on getting one ... ever (well, maybe one day ... for safety and security don't you know!  Isn't that the rationale for all parents? (And, I want to be able to call my kid in class to ask him if there is something he needs from the store. :))(.

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Right Shot Assignment

Posted on June 21, 2011 at 1:20pm 0 Comments

I tried to shoot all the required shots sort of freestyle at a wedding.  It proved to be difficult because I could not edit properly.  Can't seem to copy anything to Movie Maker 2.6.  I guess I'll try in YouTube next.  I love the over the sholder shot most of all. It does add depth of field and more interest to the subject.  It will be a great shot of teacher helping student or student on student work.  I loved Carlos' video showing his work over the shoulder.  Great.  Profiles seem awkward in… Continue

Hello to fellow RDED 535 students.  Let's have a fun summer! Jim

Posted on May 31, 2011 at 4:27pm 0 Comments

Hello to fellow RDED 535 students.  Let's have a fun summer!


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At 3:50pm on July 11, 2011, Cathy Serrano said…
Hello James, Thank you for your comments on my video.  I know it needs a lot of work.  I didn't have any help with puppet animation.  What I plan to do is have the students do the animation with their own stories. So this is a beginning.  I appreciate the positive feedback. Cathy
At 6:16pm on June 22, 2011, Elizabeth von Toll said…
The picture you painted doesn't offer much hope for those of use who want to simply use technology as a means of improving teaching and learning. To quote from the article, "go beyond content knowledge and focus on ensuring that all students learn to think deeply, support their thinking, apply problem solving skills, and actively participate in their learning." Despite these dire times, innovation is happening-not going away.
At 3:42pm on June 21, 2011, Arthur Carlos Serna said…
Jim, yes I make glass beads. Thanks for the positive comments on my assignment! If your wife is interested in some beads, just drop me a line.
At 2:28pm on June 14, 2011, Cathy Serrano said…
Hi Dr. Dennis, I was commenting on how I enjoyed reading your very intellectual points about your thoughts regarding the advancements of technology in our classrooms.  I guess I must've pressed the wrong key somehow and I lost it.  There's technology for you!  Any way I really liked the comments you made and I have to agree with you about the marvelous digital world.  I know that i am in awe when I see my grandson manipulating the i pad.  I just wonder how this era of tecnology will compliment his education.  I was just saying that he has a little quote that i like "too much of a good is not a good thing for anyone" and at 4 years old he knows what it means!  I also agree with your views on the bad things that can go wrong with the abusing of technology (texting).  It is really scary to think of the cyber-bulling  and not to mention (the Wiener case ) that is taking place with all this new technology. We must remain optimistic that there are more good results than bad.  Thank you for sharing your views.  Let me know if I sent you the first comment by accident.  Cathy 
At 1:33pm on June 14, 2011, Elizabeth von Toll said…
I once presented at a staff meeting using the theme "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." I even used the soundtrack, so I could appreciate your framework. Thanks for sharing your insights.
At 1:12pm on June 8, 2011, Elizabeth von Toll said…
Nice to see that you have made it to the world of Classroom 2.o.


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