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What to Teach in ICT Class for High School Students

ICT Classes for High School Students

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) term is replacing the term of IT (Information Technology) which, in the past time meant the study of how the computer process data in many different ways (software and hardware).

The classes I had in my college years were related to learning about computers hardware (The major components of the computer) and the software…


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Forward to 1960 ...Marshall McLuhan’s “Tribal Drums” – more relevant today than ever?

It is common when blogging  to re-post video that is current, up to date, modern.  I’m breaking with that trend on this post by linking to a clip dating from 1960.

 Marshall McLuhan was a key thinker in the early days of electric  media – when television and radio were emerging forces.  He achieved near guru status with his concept of “The Global Village”.   The…


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Mathematical Maverick – Dan Meyer – “Be less helpful”

If mathematics has a poster boy it is – or at least should be – Dan Meyer.  Meyer is something of a rarity in the field of public discussion of mathematics; he is not an academic, he is not an  educational administrator,  he is a teacher -  someone who works in real classrooms with real students with real mathematics.    It is this “real world” context that makes him worth listening to – and which provides the grounding for his instruction.

Meyer is an advocate of authentic…


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Introducing Mathematics and Multimedia

Hi everyone. I would like to introduce my blog, the Mathematics and Multimedia

This blog has two main themes: one is mathematics and the other is multimedia. The mathematics part will discuss ideas behind mathematical concepts from elementary to undergraduate topics.  The multimedia part will discuss the use of different media such as text, graphics, sounds, video and animation in teaching mathematics. Mathematics and…


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FutureCampus Forum 2010

Is e-learning effective? How can you better excite and engage children and students? FutureCampus brings together an unrivalled international speaker line-up comprising of government thought leaders,

academics, university representatives and industry experts to deliver a

balanced mix of real-life best practice case studies, expert

presentations and interactive panel discussions. Leverage the potential

of ICT in providing high quality,…


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ICT competency standards for teachers: implementation guidelines, version 1.0. by UNESCO, 2008.

The ICT competency standards for teachers have been designed by UNESCO and its partners to help educational policy-makers and curriculum developers identify the skills teachers need to harness technology in the service of education.

Developed in cooperation with Cisco, Intel and Microsoft, as well as the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), the standards consist of three parts:

* a… Continue

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Back to Teaching

My bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees are all in education, and I have explored all other fields especially when I shifted to computers and information technology from mathematics, English and the humanities. ICT encompasses all other fields, and to be hooked on it means spending lots of time to refresh my knowledge and skills and ride each new wave coming.

As a teacher, I have taught at different curriculum levels and have trained many teachers in the pedagogical aspects… Continue

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Supplementary Educational Services Curriculum

Watch in HD, Full Screen :)

Standards and underachievement have been at the forefront of recent educational debate. I would like to introduce, for those interested, a specially designed rolling curriculum designed to address standards, attitudes and motivation in students 5-12 and continuously support learning in core subject areas throughout the primary/ elementary years.

TLC Kids is a unique education method and family of english-medium programmes… Continue

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Mid-Pacific ICT Center Summer 2009 Faculty Development Week San Francisco

The National Science Foundation has provided grant funding for the Mid-Pacific Information and Communications Technologies Center to coordinate, improve and promote ICT education, with an emphasis on 2-year colleges, in northern California, northern Nevada, southern Oregon, Hawaii and the Pacific Territories.


Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) is an umbrella…


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What I achieved this year by integrating ICT tools in my teaching.

Someone once said, “If students do not learn the way we teach, then let us teach the way they learn.”

Social Sciences in general and Geography in particular is a visual cum systematic subject which need lot of observational skills. It has been seen that the students lack interest in social sciences due to inability to visualize abstract themes/places. It creates a wide gap between teaching and learning. Today's traditional learning environment also does not allow the learners to… Continue

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The ICT cluster

As I wind down through the last unit in each of the three senior subjects I teach, my students are trying to make sense of new concepts and half-heartedly revise their existing knowledge. Everything gets squeezed down to whether or not questions like that are asked in the examinations, and, if not, they're not interested. Additionally, spring winds its flirtatious tendrils into their hormones and I get to see enough mating behaviour to make me a little nauseous.

Also winding down is… Continue

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And so it begins.

Hi everyone!

I've been researching the Internet and found many tools that are useful. Still there's the situation at my school where we have classrooms made for 26-30 pupils and they're only equipped with three computers. I need not say that this poses problems.

I've chosen this place to post my blog on since it feels right for me.

Currently I work with teenagers 13-16 year-olds teaching English and French and trying to incorporate the latest ICT in my… Continue

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