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Educator Musing: Failing To Make The NCLB Cut

"The law has created dozens of ways for schools to fail and very few ways to help them succeed. We should get out of the business of labeling schools as failures and create a new law that is fair and flexible and focused on the schools and students most at risk."

U.S. Department of Education Secretary – Arne Duncan


It’s all about the test scores. …


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Educator Musing



Welcome. My name is Carlos Mendoza.  This blog is my reflections on 21st century learning.  The goal is to promote/provoke discussions on education.

Education needs to be different from its current form to meet the needs of 21st century society.  I am concerned that the reforms and legislations of the last twenty years have not been effective in…


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A Global Glogster Project

 Technology Integration in Education is starting a Glogster Global Collaborative where educators and students can share their cultures through stories which incorporate multiple media -- text, audio, images, and video.…


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Bring PRI's THE WORLD into your science classroom with new FREE Podcasts!

Are you a fan of National Public Radio?

Are you looking for ways to bring science current events into your classroom?

Teachers' Domain, WGBH's free digital media library for K-12 classrooms, has just launched a collection of downloadable audio segments drawn from PRI's The World. Check… Continue

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Black Eyed Peas “Youth Voices” PSA Empowers Youth Through Digital Arts

The Adobe Foundation and The Black Eyed Peas Peapod Foundation today unveiled a new public service announcement called “Plant Inspiration.” The PSA promotes the launch of Adobe Youth Voices, a non-profit that stresses the power of technology to engage middle- and high school–age youth. Adobe Youth Voices provides… Continue

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War People Farming Kill Alpha Ranch Passive

Soldiers, politicians and the Holy Church all declare war to be an abomination and yet two global wars were fought in the last century and many conflicts since, some deliberately escalated. At first glance, it would appear that war is fought for two reasons defense or conquest. If this holds true than every military engagement can be quantified as either defensive or offensive. The problem with attempting to explain every military operation as either defensive or offensive comes with three… Continue

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Is Technology Creating the "Dumbest Generation?"

I enjoyed Clive Thompson’s recent piece on the potential effect technology may have on student literacy. Like many campuses across the country, mine is embroiled in an interesting debate about whether or not today’s technology is making kids… well stupid. Enter stage right "The Dumbest Generation." According to the author, Mark Bauerlein, Web 2.0 technology is distracting our kids and drawing them into an intellectual state of mindless confusion and half-witted thinking. But, is Bauerlein’s… Continue

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Critical Thinking and Social Media Technology

With the emergence of social media technology in the classroom, teachers are finding innovative ways to promote student learning. As educators become more sophisticated in terms of utilizing Internet and mobile-based technologies to share information, they are taking advantage of new and exciting opportunities to improve their teaching practice. One particular area of interest to me is the way in which this sort of… Continue

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