I was thinking about how technology moves about in the field of education today. I realized that this aspect or our profession is constantly developing. As generations move up in age and level of education, they take with them the "old" technology. However, the newest technologies are not being experienced by our youngest students. They are experienced first by our university students it is from there that the technology trickles downward until it reaches primary and secondary schools. Doesn't that seem backwards? Why is it that more teachers at the lower levels do not get a chance to integrate the latest technologies. I first used an Elmo in college. I first saw a Smartboard in college. I first saw the integration of web-based instruction in college. Unfortunately, many schools are just now seeing these things for the first time. Anyway...that bothers me.

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Comment by Angela W. on May 15, 2007 at 3:51pm
I have only ever seen a smartboard on tv. Sad eh?
Comment by Mark kurts on January 20, 2008 at 8:28am
We spend billions (trillions) on war. Our national obsession seems to be focused on the value of economic gain at the expense of many more important goals - education for one. Recently, the county where I work - Sarasota County, Florida - invested in placing Activboards in every classroom. I believe we now are in the lead in that regard. Our Next Generation strategic plan demands that we all jump on the tech-wagon as quickly as possible. I will tell you that it's a rugged, demanding ride for most if not all of us. Even if we are enthusiastic. Many feel there's not enough time in the day to learn and implement and assess and...and...and...

Perhaps a willingness to create an environment where students become facilitators of the learning process (with us as learners at their sides) is part of the solution. They are sometimes - often? - ahead of us where the newest strategies are concerned. Revamping a system that is wired so very differently from one's own "wiring" as a learner is challenging. And for some I'm sure it feels daunting beyond belief.

A concern I have is that a lot of what our students are experiencing causes them to skim and race through information and maybe through life experience in general. Where's the way to create a balance? Where's the time to sit quietly out in nature rather than wrapped up in every new digital advancement? I fear the impact of the new without tempering it with experiences that ground a child in what is natural, serene, nurturing and earth-based.


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