Security. We need security in all aspects of our lives. As these lives divulge more in to the worl of technology,security becomes more important. Everything is on the internet now. With social media, we give our life story to the web, and it is forever embedded somewhere, for someone to find. This decade of technology boomers face worlds of dating online, identity theft, billing online, paperless companies, continuous files of our information that is labeled in to cookies and sent out to anyone who might be interested. It is important to know all about the ways of safety through the net, or you are bound to be caught by a cyber theif. I think some key points are to never give our your social, pin number or birthdate, address, phone number, anything important that can be tied to you, on the internet. Companies know better than to ask for anything like this through email, so it should never be given. Also, internet users should keep a password that is difficult to tie to their personal life, and change it on a regular basis. They should keep an updated Spyware system, and de-filter their computers on a regular basis.

The same should be said for computers in the school system. I like the fact that there are blocked sites that students cannot access. If we are limitied to educational sites only, there is less room for error. However it concerns me that some schools allow their students to access social media sites. I do not think this should be allowed in a school setting. Not only does it allow for cyber bullying, but there are plenty of ways for phedophiles to access information from these sites, and other issues as well, that should not be condoned by a school system.

Another important fact that all internet users should be aware of, is those pesky little boxes that pop up on your screens. They almost always lead to some type of virus, so do NOT click on them. Anything that does not pertain to what you are doing on the computer, should not be clicked on. The same goes for those spam emails. There is a spam folder for a reason. You do not need to see them, click on them, open them, nothing. Sometimes they slip by the spam blocker, and when that happens they need to be immediately deleted, without being opened. another key factor would be to not give out your email to those who you do not want to have it. Stores all the time ask for you email, so that they can send you deals and other offers, but is it always worth it? Always ask yourself if you need to hear from that store on a regular basis, before giving your email out, because who knows what else they could be accessing.

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