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At 11:20am on November 24, 2009, ddn59@7sopaporn said…
My name is Sopaporn.
My My nickname is Ray.
I study at Datdaruni School inThailand.
i'm in Grade 11.

I want to be have a new friend for advice on computer programming.
I need advice from you.

At 5:25pm on October 18, 2009, Ken Greene said…
Hi Kim. I just posted a vociethread project that features my 8th and 6th grade general music students. Take a look when you get a chance and, if you're interested, have your students add their comments - text, audio, or video. Voicethread is extremely easy to use and facilitates conversations across distances and time zones! This link will take you to our "Hello, world!" project:
This link will take you to Voicethread's tutorial video:
The curricular goals for this ongoing project include exploring world cultures through the use of technology (web applications), discovering what we have in common with each other, and broadening our global perspective through meaningful conversations and engaging collaborations.
Hope to hear from you. Ken
At 7:22pm on October 15, 2009, Ken Greene said…
Hi Kim. Thanks for responding. I will be putting up a voicethread with video of my students introducing themselves to "the world" and sharing a few things about themselves, their school, and their city. The idea is to facilitate a cultural exchange, or global greeting, with students from other countries that may lead to future collaborations. My students were excited to learn that I have been communicating with teachers from around the world and are looking forward to developing new relationships. Let me know if you are interested and I will contact you when I post the voicethread - it will be ready tomorrow. Ken
At 11:50pm on October 10, 2009, Ken Greene said…
Hello Kim. I am a general music teacher in Memphis, TN, and new to Classroom 2.0. I found your page while browsing the members area and wanted to invite you to participate in an online classroom/cultural exchange - your students and my students communicating with each other, sharing their work and developing a global relationship (for lack of a better term). My students would love to learn about life in Bangkok. Please let me know if you would like to try this. It has proven to be a successful way for students to develop their communication skills and strengthen their appreciation for other cultures - nationally and internationally. I have a Voicethread posted on my page if you want to have a look - this would be an easy way for our students to communicate. You can also check out my students' projects on our music web page at Hope to hear from you!
At 10:43am on April 19, 2009, Dr.Tamishra Swain said…
Hi Kim,
woudl you liketo contibute a book chapter of your teaching experience.Please visit mypage or my blog for furhter information. A response is sollicted.Feel free for any kind of query.
At 5:18am on March 23, 2009, Kimberly Allison said…
Thanks, Kim. We may go with the paid version which would eliminate the ads. I had just heard it was so slooooow. But I'll keep investigating. Thanks so much.
At 5:04am on March 23, 2009, Kimberly Allison said…
Hi Kim,
I'm doing some blog research and I read that you use Edublogs . . . I've only played around a little with their tool and it has seemed really slow. Is this your expereince as well? Are yous till using it? Any insight you could provide would be very helpful. Thanks!
Kimberly Allison
At 8:18am on March 5, 2009, Steven Katz said…
Hey Kim, I just added a group that I think you might be interested in, “Educational Technologists.” I am hoping this group can grow and we will be able to support each other and collaborate so that we can better support our colleagues.
At 5:56pm on November 27, 2008, Lauraw said…
Kim :) How exciting, I feel like I know you already. When I was setting up my husband and my teaching blogs (resume, tech philosophy) and needed some guidelines so I did a Google search for "teacher blogs" and yours came up :) Your site is great and was very helpful in the design and layout of ours.
Considering the problems in Thailand at present I hope you are safe and well.
Laura Wright
At 5:45pm on May 25, 2008, Kevin said…
Hello from Pennsylvania. I thought I saw you on twitter too.
At 9:05pm on April 26, 2008, AaroSco said…
Hello Kim!

I've become a new member not too long ago and am very excited about this site. Needless to say as a new member I know no one. May I kindly invite you as a guest to my site ( Any suggestions or comments you may have on how best to navigate the 2.0 world would be most appreicated.

Also, would you care to share any sayings which are particular to Bangkok on my site? For example, in the US one can say "Waste not, want not" or "Birds of a feather flock together", "A stitch in time saves nine"... and so on.

I'd be most greatful.
Thanks and hope to hear from you.

At 6:05pm on February 25, 2008, Amir Ahmad said…
Hi Kim, just noticed you're living in KL. I am too! I guess you're probably with ISKL, Garden or one of the other international schools.

Looks like we share common interests. Nice! :)
At 9:56am on November 5, 2007, Tisha Burgos said…
Hi there:
Thanks for accepting my invite! I am an information technology teacher at an International Studies school and I am VERY interested in a collaborative project with another school. My students are ages 15-17 and are studying global issues of all types. If you could, I am looking forward to hearing back from you and possibly working together.
At 3:37pm on October 25, 2007, Shawn Jackson said…
I am at a very small Christian school in Kansas City, KS. and I just finished my first quarter teaching. I am the computer lab teacher as well as the Spanish, and P.E. teacher. I am also responsible for keeping the computer lab and all the teachers computers up and running, and the server in tip top shape.
Now that I have cried a river, let me tell you what I can use your input on. I teach K-8th grade. I have things to keep the little ones busy the K-4th. That leaves me with 5th-8th I know that I wanted to teach them word, PowerPoint, and excel. I think I can handle that without a text book or curriculum. The way in which I want to go about it is where I can use some direction.
The lab here is out dated, so I thought how can I kill 2 birds with one stone? I have equipment that doesn't work or needs to be replaced, and 50 kids that need to learn word, PowerPoint, and excel. Hmmm, I could ask for a curriculum, give them some commands, tell them to commit them to memory, give a quiz, and then a test. Or I can find a way to give them real world experience with Microsoft office tools. Hmmm, how can I do this and update the lab? I went to a work shop on proposal writing, you know so I could update the lab. Well as you can see from the first paragraph I don't have enough to do. Sooo, why not start writing proposals too?
But then after my proposal work shop it hit me, let the kids write the proposals. Am I crazy? What government agency or foundation will accept a proposal from some middle school and grade school kids? And the 5th and 6th graders. I mean really, I'm I just nuts?
So here's the plan and you can tell me if "I'm just nuts". Let me remind you "THIS IS MY FIRST YEAR TEACHING", so feel free to smack me around a bit and point me in the right direction. We are going to start small we will use "word" to make an outline. They will visualize a dart board. We will start with the center and work our way out. The center will be mom, dad, and other family and close family friends. From there we will ask the inner circle to tell us were they work. How open would their employers be at helping us. This will start the 2nd ring of our target buy letting them know if there business or employers have widgets, computers, money, and services, they could donate. They will keep track of the budget and goals in excel. The next circle in the target will be for them to research local companies. The last circle will be anything they choose outside of the local business area. We are hoping that some of the local companies will allow them to present PowerPoint’s. Buy them we will have identified their strengths, the leaders, researchers, spokesmen and number crunchers. And with corporate precision we will make presentations. Well that's the plan. Can you help me make it work?
At 3:02pm on September 13, 2007, Kristian Still said…
Thats great Kim, yes I had noticed that it was rather a fantastic time/opportunity in your neck of the woods! Thanks Kim, I appreciate it.
At 2:41pm on September 11, 2007, Kristian Still said…
Hi Kim, I think our paths may have crossed in another NING - NextGen. I hope you do not mind the rather left field post, but, I was hoping we might be able to talk. I posted recently about a dream job - not too dissimiliar to yours, just not as jazzy a title. I read your recent blog post and it struck a cord. Perhaps you could share a few minutes.
At 6:16am on August 5, 2007, Chris Betcher said…
G'day Kim. Thanks for the add. I'm looking forward to discovering this particular online community, but it was nice to spot a familiar name and face. :-)
At 8:30pm on May 15, 2007, Sue Collins said…
I love your CodeBlue wiki!. I'm still interested in a possible collaboration for next year, but need to get the teachers on board. I'll stay in touch.
At 4:11pm on May 10, 2007, David James said…
I am glad that we are a part of this community so we can continue to collaborate when you change schools next year.
At 9:11pm on April 29, 2007, Kim Cofino said…
No problem! Looking forward to working together :)


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