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At 12:39pm on October 27, 2008, Clare Rafferty said…
in commerce i use it when students are studying law to make the topic more engaging i get them to create a myspace live for teenagers about laws and rights that relate to them as applied in vicotria, get them to include internet safety and then they can choose what laws /ringts they think is the most relevant meeting the criteria. They have to write and appeal to their audience so in some cases they may need to have a short cut list so i can understand what they are saying apart from the normal ones like lol etc they like it they are on every night anyway so it isn't much to put their work up their - i shows a different way they can use it and more importantly i get to chat a little about how much it too much etc and get them to think about what they have on their space etc i make them make new spaces and use their school email so i can easily identify them. i will email you the sheet for the year 9 students if you would like. then you can ask me questions about it as it is far more complex.
At 4:47am on October 27, 2008, Clare Rafferty said…
Hi Anne

i was involved in the knowledge bank conference earlier in the year unfortunately for the students and myself the timing of our sessions wasn't great with meant our bit didn't go as well as planned but we are presenting it at the home eco conference in dec so we have a chance to polish our act!

I am happy to explain how i use myspace although it is a little detailed. i use it in both my teaching areas commerce and geography. i am not sure how detailed you want me to be. it is blocked at school and all the work is homework activities. there is always the option no to do it live if the students really have a valid reason for not doing it live or no internet connection at home.(there was 1 student out of 60 who chose not to do it live from a year 9 geography class- she used publisher to complete her tasks)

at the conference i did send out the assignment sheet on how i used it for the geography class. did you get that?

Is there any particular aspect your interested in? I applied for the innovations branch social networking professional learning term 4 but didn't get which was very disappointing as i use social networking in the classroom now! it would of been great to have some time to explore its use with more flexibility!

At 6:37am on October 26, 2008, Casey said…
Thank you very much for the response! Yes the person did start the Skype call, I think they need to tweek their setting as well. When I initiate it , it has worked fine. Silly question, the school's connection is inferior to what I have at home. I wonder if that has something to do with it. It is broadband, just not sure how "broad" it is. :-) Would you ever be willing to test out a Skype call? Also have you heard of Adobe Connect? Just wondering what your thoughts were. Thank you very much again. :-)
At 11:22pm on October 25, 2008, Susan Brooks said…
Hi, Anne,
Thanks for the reply. Do you use Skype for the video conferencing? Of all the applications you mentioned, the only one not blocked would be VoiceThread. We have used that for projects. Anything that gives free rein to anyone on the net is always blocked.
At 9:14am on October 23, 2008, Paul Greenway said…
Hi Anne
is it possible to share info here with a lot of people at once.
this is in regards to
At 3:58am on October 21, 2008, Mark Miller said…
Thanks for the response, Anne. I've been using the Fisher Price digital cameras with my first graders for two years with good results. We've used them to record the weather, do photo illustrations for original poetry, and to record projects, especially math patterns and block buildings. I would like to extend these into more interactive media. What structure works for blogging with a classroom?
At 5:07am on October 20, 2008, Adla Coure said…
Thank you for your reply to my message! Much appreciated!
At 1:24am on October 11, 2008, Deb248211 said…
Thanks for your comment Anne - I'm thinking that this community is just the place to start making connections. I'll have a read of your blog and see what tips you have for what works to get students as enthusiastic as I am about this.

At 3:51pm on October 9, 2008, Chris Hebbard said…
Hi Anne, I am after a small piece of advice! I have started a blog for my class at Global Teacher: and I am wondering how to attach documents and PP shows so my kids can download new info that I find. I can easily put up pics, sound and video, however it would be a lot more useful if I could add these files as well. Can you help?
At 2:28pm on October 6, 2008, Jessica Haines said…
The site seems like a place I will find a lot of useful info and I am excited to get started.
At 3:04pm on October 4, 2008, Julie Baird said…
Hi Anne,
Thanks for the welcome. I know that I am not alone in my technology frustrations. Unfortunately schools seem to have too few technicians and/or technicians that can actually teach teacher how to better use the technology. Our tech staff is really good but they have too much work and not enough time or hands to get it all done.
At 3:42pm on September 25, 2008, Daniel Rezac said…
6,7,8 grade. We are using

What's your grade?
At 10:06pm on September 12, 2008, Govinda Prasad Panthy said…
Hello there, i'm a school teacher/founder from Nepal. I run an elementary school for poor family rural children. I'm Govinda by my name. if u find me like minded person plz mail me at
At 2:02am on September 8, 2008, Poolboy said…
Thank you Anne.
At 6:37am on September 1, 2008, Heather Davis said…
Hi Anne, Are you getting excited about the Learning 2.008 conference? I am really starting to get hyped for it. I attended the pre-conference session last night in Second Life. I enjoyed that and it was my first time to actually attend something live as I also have the timezone difference.

Hoping to meet you F2F.

At 12:06pm on August 31, 2008, Julie Lindsay said…
Hi Anne
Just browsing Classroom 2.0 this evening. Love your Flip videos!
At 3:19pm on August 24, 2008, Teresa Sutherland said…
Thanks, Anne! I'm teaching Integrated Tech to 6th graders this year, 1st semester and then a 6th grade computer class 2nd semester. So, I've spent the past few hours doing some searching. Small, rural district - no guidance, I'm pretty much on my own to plot my course! The good thing is that I'm willing and I hear that I have great students this year. I've been doing a lot of research in the past year but now putting it into practice - whew! My head is spinning.
At 4:40pm on August 23, 2008, Anne Mirtschin said…
Hi Dave, It is never a bother to contact me. Due to the huge differences in time zones I can rarely participate in live conversations, so although I have attended a couple, I dont often check now. Did you go to theCR2/0 wiki, choose conversations link, scroll right down until you come to the last few dates in August as there seem to be a few still listed there.Choose the actual live link. Let me know if that does not work, and I will find out more for you. Some of those sessions are great so I hope you can get onto them. Please let me know.
At 8:41am on August 23, 2008, DaveC said…
Hi Anne,

Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if the weekly 2.0 chat was still going on. One Google Cal has it listed at 11am (EST) and another at noon. The main ning page (on the right) says to look at the live conversations page, but the only ones listed there are prev. recorded.


At 5:44am on August 21, 2008, Colleen C said…
Hi Anne. Thank you for your post. I used a wiki when I student taught for a poetry unit, and the students loved being able to share and comment on each other's work. My first year I did not use a blog, but I am starting with a blog this year. I am going to try using online forums and see how that goes. That's so neat that all the students are using blogs now at your school. It's great that community has gone on board.


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