Class Begins at Guiyang Experimental High School #3

This is video from a Chinese class. It was fascinating. The teacher was on a stage at the front of the room, in an official looking coat. The students sat close to one another in rigid rows, in their matching uniforms. All of the students, 100% , were actively engaged in the lesson, which was completely teacher directed. I did not see one student daydreaming. The closest thing to being off task was one little girl who was twirling her pen while she watched and listened to the teacher. There was very little student involvement beyond choral recitation. The class started with the bell, which was a musical melody rather than a bell. Students stood and recited a greeting to their teacher in unison to commence the class. She responded to their group chant. The teacher played music as part of the lesson, and projected a PowerPoint to the music on the screen. The PowerPoint had lots of moving graphics with some text, but not the text-filled slides that I see so often in my experiences. The PowerPoint was not connected to the Internet and I couldn’t tell if it was available in the room. I believe that this music and PowerPoint was part of a story that matched their workbooks. Students followed along in their books, as she taught and wrote on the chalkboard. There was an unused SmartBoard in the classroom, pushed to the side of the class. The classroom had a speaker sound system.

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